MilanaHeaven Public Camshow

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MilanaHeaven is a 24 years old Female from Чудес with Small boobs & Shaved pussy.
She is White/Caucasian, has Blonde hair and Brown eyes. She speaks mainly Russian
She loves Tenderness! Kindness !!! Strong, confident men, mind and sense of humor! Passion!You turn me on, your conversations, touch ___ Your vibrations!
1 ___ Lush__3-19-19 tokens__2sec TEST VIBRATION
2 ___ Lush__20-30 tokens__5sec MOST PASSIONAL VIBRATION
3 ___ Lush__31–50 tokens__8sec MOST PASSIONAL VIBRATION
4 ___ Lush__51–70 tokens__14sec TEST VIBRATION
5 ___ Lush__71-100 tokens__20sec FAVORITE VIBRATION
6 ___ Lush__101-200-200 tokens__30sec MEDIUM VIBRATION
7 ___ Lush__201–300 tokens__40sec MEDIUM VIBRATION
8__Lush__301-400 tokens__50sec MOST PASSIONAL VIBRATION
9__Lush__401-500 tokens__60sec MOST PASSIONAL VIBRATION
10__Lush__501–999 ​​tokens__90sec FAVORITE VIBRATION
11__Lush__1000–1999 tokens__200sec_ FAVORITE VIBRATION
12 ___ Lush__2000-2999 tokens_400sec_SEX

SPECIAL TEAMS Lush + Domi ..
1 ___Pause__777 tokens 5 second
2 ___ Clear the entire list of vibrations ____ 3333
3 ___ Random selection__77 tokens from_2 level to 7
4 ___ Wave_111 tokens_25_second
5__Pulsates_222 tokens_40_second
7__ Fireworks_666_token_100_second, and hates Greed. I can not stand when a person does not know what he wants. REQUEST