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AriadnaCox4u is a 26 years old Female from with Large boobs & Shaved pussy.
She is Latino/Hispanic, has Brunette hair and Brown eyes. She speaks mainly English
She loves Intelligence, Humor, Wit, Conversation, Flirting, Cordiality, Friendship, Romance, Style, Trust, Love, Passion, Patience, Care, but sometimes all the opposite. And obviously your tips because they give me vibrations in my kitty. I really love this and if you tip different things you can play me like a piano. A piano of moans and lust., and hates Dick Pics turn me off. I am sorry, not that I don’t like a nice dick, but it is not the first thing I want to see from you. I like to be teased as much as I love teasing. Don’t just send them instead of a hello. Imagine we are meeting in a bar and you want my attention. Make your first move. Ask me a clever question, make me a compliment. And please, if you see me for the first time, please don’t call me babe or baby. It somehow makes me turn stone cold. Again imagine, we were in a great bar and you want my attention. Dick out, yelling EY BABY will not do the trick. Be flirty, be funny and you will conquer my heart.